TRACT (Tissue Regenerative Activated Cell Therapy) is the only technology that provides safe and efficient specialized cells within a day in every clinic while being both patient and clinician friendly.
BioGenCell was founded with the vision of developing safe, effective, and long-lasting effective treatment for incurable, blood vessel diseases that will be both accessible and patient friendly.
Our disruptive TRACT technology platform provides a comprehensive approach for rapid manufacturing and commercialization of cell-therapies. 

Who are we?

▶ BioGenCell is a clinical stage company providing treatment for incurable patients suffering from life threatening degenerative diseases.

▶ Our multinational company is led by multidisciplinary key opinion leaders creating together economic, therapeutic solutions based on fast-track commercialization programs. Read more

What do we do?

▶ BioGenCell brings you the new era of Personalized Stem Cell Therapy in every clinic worldwide via a simple standard blood draw.

▶ Our proprietary technology TRACT (Tissue Regenerative Activated Cell Therapy) is based on an unprecedented combination of the power of immunology and stem cell therapy providing personalized regenerative treatment for damaged tissues. Read more

How do we do it?

▶ We make it simple! A nurse takes a standard blood draw from your arm and you are called the following day to receive the treatment by your doctor. No need for any pre-treatment, sophisticated machinery or operations.

▶ BioGenCell’s products are manufactured from blood cells selected and cultured to create specific therapeutic cells provided to clinicians in ready to use syringes. TRACT is the only technology that provides lineage specific cells in a rapid process that takes less than one day. Read more

Who do we treat?

▶ BioGenCell’s first patients are people suffering from severe peripheral blood disease who have tried all other available options without success and are now at risk of limb amputation.

▶ Our first line of products is designed to treat life-threatening blood vessel diseases typical of diabetes complication, smoking and arthrosclerosis. Results from our first study on severe Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) patients who have exhausted all possible treatments revealed an excellent safety profile and long-term therapeutic effects more than 3.5 years after a single treatment. link to clinical trials

What are we planning?

▶ In parallel to treating patient suffering from severe peripheral blood disease, BioGenCell is planning to treat a variety of additional severe blood vessel diseases in patients suffering from diabetes complications, heart failure, stroke, and blindness.

▶ BioGenCell’s innovative solutions have an immense market potential since they can regenerate function of damaged tissues even after many years of suffering. We plan to leverage our proprietary TRACT solutions for a wide range of life-threatening vascular diseases via a fully automated system thus enabling rapid commercialization and mass production of personalized cell therapy products.

Why choose BioGenCell?

▶ Our unprecedented technology brings mass production heights to personalized therapies for vascular diseases.

▶ This first in-kind technology uses a simple blood draw to provide the lineage-specific cells within a day in every clinic.

▶ Our unique technology platform TRACT enables us to target a wide range of blood vessel degenerative diseases, including heart failure, stroke, blindness, cancer and immunological diseases.

▶ BioGenCell’s multi-national and multi-disciplinary team leverage its unique expertise to rapidly develop a series of products to treat numerous life-threatening vascular diseases

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