Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors

BioGenCell is supported by Key-Opinion leaders who gave their consent to serve as advisors for the company. BioGenCell is supported by each of these experts on scientific and business development issues as well as their important referrals to colleagues and other contacts.

Prof. Frank J Veith

Dr. Veith graduated from Cornell University Medical School with Honors before completing an internship at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York .

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover

Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Aaron Ciechanover is a Distinguished Research Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel.

Prof. Martin Grajower

Dr. Martin Grajower, MD, is an endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism specialist in Bronx, NY and has been practicing for 40 years. He graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine  in 1973.

Dr. Michael Frogel

Dr. Frogel is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Principal Investigator for the New York City Pediatric Disaster Coalition (PDC) and Medical Director of the Pediatric Disaster Mental Health Initiative at Maimonides Medical Center

Prof. Louis Shenkman

Prof. Louis Shenkman, Professor of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, graduated from York University Medical School, was a Clinical Associate at the NIH and Attending Physician at Bellevue Hospital and University Hospital, Department of Medicine, New York University. 

Dr. Mark J Niven

Dr. Niven is the Director of Endocrine and Diabetes Unit, incorporating The Bildirici Center for Diabetes Care and Researchat at Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital, Israel. In addition to making changes in lifestyle, the diabetes patient must enlist the assistance of a wide range of specialists for comprehensive treatment of the disease.

Dr. Shlomo Bulvik

Dr. Shlomo Bulvik, director of the Hematology Department at at Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital, Israel. Dr. Bulvik is currently involved in two major studies in the field of leukemia. The research which received the approval of the Ethics (Helsinki) Committee, is at an advanced stage. 

Prof. Bruce Bachenheimer

Bruce Bachenheimer is a Clinical Professor of Management and Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Lab at Pace University. He is also a member of the Board and past Chair of the New York City Chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum and has served on the organization’s Global Board.


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