Our Solution

Our solution

BioGenCell’s patented technology platform provides a comprehensive solution for most aspects of cellular therapy. It supports both rapid manufacturing and long-term storage (bio-banking) of therapeutic cellular products, which can be used to treat the patient (autologous) or other patients (allogeneous) in order to regenerate damaged tissues in diabetes, heart failure, stroke, peripheral vascular disease including critical limb ischemia, blindness, cancer and a range of immunological diseases.

BioGenCell’s lead product line BGC10X implements the company’s technology for treating blood vessel insufficiency that causes multiple organ failure in the elderly and diabetic patient populations. BGC101 is manufactured from stem cells and culture components extracted from the patient’s own blood and is composed of a significant number of highly viable cells targeted at blood vessel regeneration (endothelial progenitor cells), as well as cells that can self-adjust according to specific needs for the purpose of tissue regeneration (multi-potent adult stem/progenitor cells).

BioGenCell’s platform, process and products provide numerous advantages over existing stem cell therapies:

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